Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I list equipment?

Q. Can I include photos in my ad?

Q. How do I upload a photo after I have already placed a listing?

Q. How much does an ad cost??

Q. How long will my ad run?

Q. Do I need to register to use the site?

Q. Can you scan my photos for me?

Q. Can I make changes to my ad?

Q. Can I change my user info?

Q. How will potential buyers contact me?

Q. What do I do when my equipment sells?

Q. How do I search for ads?

Q. How do I reply to an ad?

Q. How do I share an ad?

Q. What is your privacy policy?

Q: How do I list equipment?

A: To post a new ad to, you must first be a registered user. Registration is very easy, just click on the "Login to My Account" link in the left Menu. Then click "Don't Have an Account? Click Here" and input all the information the form asks for. Although your e-mail address is required to post an ad, it is not revealed to anyone unless you reply to an inquiry on your equipment. Be sure that you use a working e-mail address. If you provide a bad e-mail address you will not be able to receive replies from interested parties. Also, make sure to test your ad by sending a reply to yourself after placing your ad. This will ensure that emails from our site are not blocked by your spam filter. After you complete the registration form you will be prompted to login. After you login click on the "New Classified" link in the top left menu called Listing Cart. You will then select a category to list your machinery in. Next, you will fill out the details about your equipment. Next you will be prompted to make payment for your ad. Payment is currently accepted via credit or debit card.

Q: Can I Include Photos in My Ad?

A: You can include up to 10 photos of your equipment at no extra charge. (.jpg is the preferred format for pictures) Photo ads have a much higher view rate than ads without photos, so please try to provide at least one picture of your equipment.

Q: How do I upload a photo after I have already placed a listing?

A: Click on “My Account" in the top menu, then click "My Active Listings" in the My Account Menu. Find the ad you want to add images to by clicking "Manage This Listing" beneath the ad. You will then be presented with the ability to edit all aspects of the ad, including which images you want to use/ad.

Q: How Much Does An Ad Cost?

A: Ads start at $39.95 (29.95 renewal) for 30 days. 90, 180, & 365 day options are also available, see our rates here. All ads include posting of up to 10 photographs of your equipment and all ads will stay listed for 30 days from posting date, until sold, or until you remove the ad. If you are an equipment dealer, you may be interested in our Dealer Program which offers savings on multiple equipment ads. There are no hidden costs or commissions to be paid after selling your equipment.

Q: How Long Will My Ad Run?

A: All ads will run for either 30, 90, 180, or 365 days from the date of posting, depending on which package you sign up for. Please remove your ad after your equipment has been sold, as it will help keep this site up to date, and reduce unnecessary phone calls to you.

Q: Do I Need to Register To Use The Site?

A: You do not need to register to view ads or to reply to ads. You will need to register to sell your equipment through this website.

Q: Can you scan my photos for me?

A: If you do not have digital photos of your equipment, we will scan them for you for free. Please send photos to:

Forestry Equipment Sales
Photo Processing
1518 E. Superior St.
Suite B
Duluth, MN 55812

Please include your Name, Username, Email Address, and Ad Title so we will know where to post the pictures. If you would like your photos returned to you, please include a self addressed, stamped envelope.

Q: Can I Make Changes To My Ad?

A: Click on “My Account" in the top menu, then make sure you are in "My Active Listings". Select the ad you want to make changes to by clicking on "Manage this Listing" beneath the ad. You will then be presented with the ability to edit all aspects of the ad.

Q: Can I change my user info?

A: If you wish to make any changes to your contact information, click on the "My Account" link from the top menu, and click the "My Account Information" link. From there you will be able to edit any user info.

Q: How Will Potential Buyers Contact Me?

A: Buyers will contact you through the information that you submit (phone number &/or e-mail) when you register. uses a private mail feature which protects your e-mail address. Instead of displaying your e-mail address in the ad, a "Reply to Ad" link is displayed. The person replying to the ad then sees a form and clicks on a submit button to send their reply to you.

Q: What Do I Do When My Equipment Sells?

A: After your equipment is sold, you can delete your ad by logging in and going to "My Active listings" and then clicking "Manage this Listing". The delete icon is the red "X". You may also contact us with your ad number and we will remove it for you.

Q: How do I search ads?

A: You can use the Quick Search feature at the top of all pages to quickly locate a piece of equipment for sale, using a keyword search. You can also use the "Advanced Search" link located in the top right of the page to perform a more extensive search of ads.

Q: How do I reply to an ad?

A: uses a blind email reply system for people who are replying to your ad. This is done through the “Mail Seller” link. does not release any registered user's e-mail address. The owner of the ad has the option of including a phone number and email directly in the ad if they choose.

Q: How do I share an ad?

A: Each ad provides an option to share with a friend. You can find this on the left hand side of each ad page.

Q: What is your privacy policy?

A: Any personal information provided on our registration form will only be used by, and will not be sold, rented, or in any way shared with any 3rd party.