Blockbuster Dual Sort Firewood Cleaner ***SOLD*** - SOLD SOLD

Blockbuster Cleaner

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  • Red Pine EquipmentRed Pine Equipment
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    • Blockbuster

    • Unknown
    • 1627-4
    • Northcentral USA
    • Erik
    Sold! Description

    Blockbuster Dual Sort Firewood Cleaner 12' x 4' Barrel. This cleaner is chain driven, has steel roller guides. First section cleans debris. The second section sorts, the larger pieces discharge at the end for re-splitting or stove wood. Load with optional elevator, power off of elevator hydraulic or optional power pack, larger power pack available to run optional out-feed elevator, adjustable height and angle, minimum 4' clearance for debris box and bundle wood box, discharge chute. Contact Erik @ Red Pine Equipment 218-720-0933. Equipment is located in Northcentral USA. ***SOLD***