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Custom Designed and Manufactured Firewood Processor. This processor comes with 2 identical power units to run it. 2 Zetor 7211 tractors that give all the power it needs at an incredible fuel consumption ratio. If one needs maintenance, simply unhook it and put the other one on identically. It also comes with a 60 inch Simmonds Kodiak carbide tip slasher saw capable of cutting up to a 26" diameter log. The splitting system is 2 vertical splitters capable of splitting 2 way 4 way and 8 way blocks. The biggest benefit of the vertical splitters is that each block is split perfectly according to it's size and shape! The hydraulics are run by a John Deere Piston pump at 2,200 LBS. pressure run by the PTO of the power unit 75 HP Zetor 7211 tractors. The Hydraulic cylinder that controls the up and down movement of the slasher blade is run off the remotes of the same Zetor 7211 tractor. The 32' conveyor is run off the hydraulic system of the processor and is easily hooked up to the back of the processor for easy transportation and moving from the pile at the end of the day. This processor will easily do 2 full cords per hour of perfectly split firewood with 2 people. It comes with a supply of almost every replaceable part the machine would need. Contact Erik @ Red Pine Equipment 218-720-0933. Machine is located in Canada. ***SOLD***

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    (218) 720-0933
    Custom Designed and Manufactured Firewood Processor **SOLD**