New Hammerhead GS-44 Grapple Saw - $7,995

Hammerhead GS-44

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  • Red Pine EquipmentRed Pine Equipment
  • Specifications   -  $7,995
    • Hammerhead

    • GS-44

    • 2020
    • HH-1
    • Northcentral USA
    • Kelly

    The Hammerhead GS-44 Grapple Saw is designed to pick up one log or multiple logs at a time and cut them from the safety of the operator cab. Ideal for cleaning up downed trees, clearing hiking or biking or snowmobile trails, trimming logs at a yard or landing, or for cutting logs to use in an outdoor wood boiler. You simply grasp the log in the grapple and push a button to activate the hydraulic saw. Push the button and the saw starts and advances through the log and retracts automatically when you release the button. In addition to starting the saw, each time you press the saw button, it provides a squirt of oil to the saw bar from a dedicated bar oil tank built into the grapple saw. This unit also works great for bucking up logs that are too big to fit in a firewood processor. The GS-44 Grapple Saw makes extensive use of high strength steel and incorporates industrial grade components to ensure excellent availability and a long service life. 12 month factory warranty. $7,995. For more information visit the Hammerhead Attachments website @

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    New Hammerhead GS-44 Grapple Saw