Boom Cable for LogRite and TimberRite - Call for Price

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    • Waratah

    • WA101707

    WIRE, BOOM CABLE (FITS LOGRITE & TIMBERRITE) (EP456111) Fits Waratah Models HTH616, HTH616C, HTH620, HTH622, HTH622B, HTH623C, HTH624, HTH624C, HTH626 Our new boom cable is made for low tempatures! We placed it in the freezer for 2 days and were still able to easily wrap it in a knot. It does not become brittle like other electrical cables! It is 6 wire, so it will work with both Logrite and Timberrite computer systems... just use 4 of the 6 wires for Logrite.

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    Boom Cable for LogRite and TimberRite