New 2020 Wood Beaver Model 20 Firewood Processor - $56,400

Specifications   -  $56,400
  • Wood Beaver

  • 20 BAB

  • 2020
  • 2
  • Prentice, WI
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This model 20 is the beast! Just ran the Paul Bunyan Firewood Shootout Processed 3.1 full cords of wood in 37min That's 5+ cords per hour. and We did it with a gas motor 37.5 HP Kohler not like our competitors running a diesels add a diesel and LOOK OUT>>>>> Powered by a Kohler CH1000 (or optional Kubota or Kohler diesel) and equipped with a Parker VOAC 7135 rpm saw, 404 18H 26” true harvester combination and backed by our “Super Split” Regenerative Dual Ram system, this Bad A** Beaver sends other processor home crying. This is by far the fastest cut split combination on the market. A typical 12” hardwood log is cut in under 2 seconds and split in 3.5 seconds flat!!! The Dual Ram can blast through the toughest logs at ultra-fast speeds, because the second ram is along for the ride… until it’s needed! the second comes into play, putting 38 tons of real splitting force to the end of the rams – no theory, just pure brute force. And against our knife edge splitting wedge, even the biggest, ugliest knots are destroyed. This monster can take a 22” diameter, 20’ long log and turn it into firewood in less than 2 minutes. 4 cords or more an hour, easy. This unit also has a attached 16' conveyor and tandem axles. The Model 20BAB is truly one Bad A** Beaver

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    New 2020 Wood Beaver Model 20 Firewood Processor