2018 SC-15 - $38,000

Specifications   -  $38,000
  • DYNA

  • SC-15

  • 2018
  • NEW
  • NEW
  • Anthony, Brooke, Noah, Louie

The DYNA SC-15 Firewood Processor comes standard with our 37 HP Kohler Gas Engine and an optional 34 HP CAT Diesel Engine is available. Featuring a 4" x 26" splitting cylinder and a double-section hydraulic pump, the SC-15 is rated to produce 3 full cords per hour. The base model SC-15 is capable of processing a 22" diameter log up to 16' in length. The 14' Conveyor, Hydraulic Booster Block, and our 12v Automatic Bar and Chain Oiler are included in the price. Optional upgrades include a 4.5" x 26" splitting cylinder upgrade, a Hydraulic Deck Lifter or Hydraulic Log Loader, frame extensions to handle longer logs, and more. Contact Anthony, Brooke, Noah and Louie @ 231-660-7974 for more details. Shipping is available for all models for an additional amount.

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    2018 SC-15